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Atlas to launch Denplan in Malta

Atlas Healthcare Malta has announced the launch of Denplan in Malta in the near future.   A seminar was held to introduce the concept to dentists in May and will be available to the public shortly.  Dr Roger Matthews, Denplan’s Chief Dental Officer was here to launch the plans and gave a brief overview of the advantages of Denplan and preventive dental practice. Denplan in the UK has 6500 member dentists and 1.6m patients on payment plans as well as 1700 corporate insurance schemes in the UK.  It has recently also been launched in Ireland and Poland.

Denplan was started in the UK by two dental practitioners in 1986. They had a vision of dental practice in which the interests of the dentist and the patient were aligned: to help and encourage the provision of high quality preventive oral care through a regular, affordable payment.   Put simply Denplan was set up as a payment plan whereby the patient is assessed by a Denplan dentist and offered a fixed fee for whatever routine and restorative care is required.  It also includes an insurance against dental accident and overseas emergency as well as mouth cancer cover and an overseas helpline.

Alongside the dentist-based plans (Denplan Care), Atlas will also be able to offer corporate dental insurance for employees of companies in Malta. 

Ms Calleja, Managing Director of Atlas Healthcare said that the company was very excited about Denplan as it encourages good oral health and both the dentist and the patient will have an incentive to prevent problems from occurring.   The aim is to focus on preventive treatment to stop dental problems before they start.

Good oral health isn’t just about avoiding fillings and toothache; it’s an important part of  overall health and wellbeing. It’s always better to stop problems before they start and regular dental appointments can help reduce the need for treatment in the future.

As we age our teeth and gums naturally deteriorate so the earlier one starts looking after them the better.

Denplan will encourage the move from Surgical Dentistry (extractions and dentures) and Restorative Dentistry (fillings, crowns, bridges and implants) to Preventive Dentistry – the more ‘ethical’ and forward looking approach where patients see their dentist regularly in order to improve oral health, minimize intervention and ensure their oral health remains at the optimum level in order to avoid costly and painful interventions.   Sadly too many patients in Malta only visit the dentist when they are in pain and are not aware of the importance of regular care of their mouth.   In fact poor dental health is linked to a variety of serious health conditions: regular dental visits are an excellent way of keeping these potential problems at bay. 

There are many general diseases and conditions which can cause signs and symptoms in the mouth.  There is growing scientific evidence of association between poor oral health and diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Whether on Denplan Care or as a member of a Denplan Corporate Insurance Group, having Denplan will go that one step further to ensure that your overall health stays at its optimal level.

For further information please call on 21 322 600.


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