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Why is your oral health important?

Poor dental health is linked to a variety of serious health conditions: regular dental visits are an excellent way of keeping these potential problems at bay. 

Many dental problems can be prevented if caught early by a dentist and treated appropriately.  Seeing your dentist regularly can help prevent

  • dental pain,
  • gum disease,
  • dental emergencies and
  • expensive invasive treatment.  

Even serious conditions, such as mouth cancer, can be successfully treated if spotted at an early stage.  Early detection increases survival chances to more than 90%.*

*Cancer Research UK diagnosed cases in 2006

Over 300 diseases can be detected in the mouth including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  The earlier the signs are detected the easier it is to treat the problem.   There is even a link between gum disease and infertility in men and low birth weight babies in pregnant women.